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L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation Review

Two weeks ago I reviewed the new L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara, and made a confession that I am not the biggest L’Oreal fan (with the exception of the Infallible Eyeshadows…those are AMAZING!!). Ulta had a 40% L’Oreal products sale so I wanted to give the Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation a try after seeing Nicole […]

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Tofurky roast with vegetarian gravy

Walmart Family Mobile Brand Ambassador

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Origami Owl

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15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Looking for a few recipe ideas to get your Holiday baking off and running? Check out these awesome Christmas cookie recipes I collected for you using Foodie. Check out 15 Christmas Cookie Recipes by Brittany Baughman at Disclosure: This post was sponsored by All opinions are my own and recipes were collected via […]


How Do You Show Your Pregame Pride?

Love football? Me too! I confessed my love for the game, tailgating, and shared my favorite team (Go Cowboys!!!) not long ago. If you are a football fan as well you know what season it is, and today I wanted to share with you the NCAA, Walmart, Axe, Dove Men+, and Degree partnership. Some athletes have […]

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Will You Show Your Joe This Christmas?

When I was little I fondly remember that every Christmas Eve I would get to open up one present from under the tree, and every year it was the same thing; the world’s ugliest pair of pajamas. You know those old family portraits (and by old I mean 1980’s) where the entire family would dress […]


Let’s Talk About Romance and the Freedom to be Spontaneous

Today’s post is going to come with a warning before we even get to the meat and potatoes, because today we are going to be talking about sex, marriage, relationships, and other adult content. So stop reading now if you are going to find this post offensive or if you are a minor. This post […]

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Having A Hoot With Origami Owl

I have had such a great time since starting on my Origami Owl journey as not only an Origami Owl Designer but a Design Ambassador as well. I have shared with you all the Holly Jolly Box of Happy, how to curate your own story in a Living Locket, and how to set up your […]

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My Prayer and Gratitude Journal

I feel like it has taken me forever to get this post published for y’all but here it is, my prayer and gratitude journal! Before you get into the picture heavy goodness that follows don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the post for a special coupon code for my Etsy shop available only […]

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5 Reasons We Say ‘No’ To Elf on the Shelf

Tis the season to see Christmas EVERYTHING on social media. I love it, I really do. I love to see all the holiday themed cookie recipes, ornament wreath DIYs, and cute family portrait poses for the year. What I don’t love to see is that little red demon elf popping up in my feed constantly. Elf […]

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Your First Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

If you have been following along, I recently became an Origami Owl® Designer and introduced the Holly Jolly Box of Happy. Last week I shared with you how I told my story with an Origami Owl Living Locket. Today in the post-Thanksgiving digestion bliss I am going to share some tips, tricks, and budget friendly […]

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A Gift In The Stars…Literally.

I have quite the unique gift idea to share with you today. A gift perfect for the science or sic-fi lover in your home, or really for anyone really. A  International Star Registry Custom Star Kit.   Now, my husband is a big, Big, BIG Trekkie. He practically eats, sleeps, and breaths Star Trek. He has […]

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Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans Making Me #Thankful4Savings

 So last month I got to share the awesome news that I was chosen to be a Walmart Family Mobile brand ambassador. It is still so amazing to me that I get to participate in this ambassador program and I am feeling pretty inspired to share some of the great details about their unlimited talk […]

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Bring The NFL To Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, good food, and of course, football. This Thanksgiving we are bringing my NFL team to our table with NFL Homegating. Obviously, I am a Texas girl and my heart beats for the Dallas COWBOYS. Imagine my excitement when I shopped the NFL Homegating collection. Oh, the Christmas gifts I […]

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Tell Your Story with an Origami Owl Living Locket

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted a locket. Something to wear close to my heart that showed my life to the world. When I first came across Origami Owl® I was elated and fascinated at how much of my story I could show in such a beautiful little locket. Last […]

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What Is Your Beauty Legacy?

I’m a mom of two beautiful little girls. I care about their self-esteem, especially since I struggled with my own from a very young age. Dove has helped more than 14 million girls build self-esteem so far and together we can help even more. Right now you can visit the Dove Beauty page on Walmart’s […]

Oral hygiene is especially important  if you have diabetes.

Talking Diabetes #HealthyEssentials

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and for those of you who don’t already know, I have Type II Diabetes… ..and pink hair, today anyways. Who knows what color it will be tomorrow. Any who, I wanted to have a chat about diabetes with all of you. Let Me Throw Some Diabetes Facts At You Diabetes […]

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Secret Family Recipe: Onion Dip

This onion dip recipe is (from my knowledge) three generations old. I remember watching my grandmother make this in her kitchen when I was as tall as the counters, and fondly remember the day my father taught me in the same kitchen I now cook in. The kitchen I plan on teaching my children to […]

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Be #UpForAnything With A Baked Potato Brunch

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SOLO® Brand Products. All opinions are 100% mine. What is my favorite quick and easy brunch recipe? The baked potato. Seriously, what is there not to love about the baked potato…unless you are one of those anti-carb-and-everting-else-delicious freaks? No offense, lots of pity. Ha […]


The Origami Owl Holly Jolly Box of Happy

Last week I let the cat out of the bag. Not a big surprise since we are talking about me, right? I am now not only an Origami Owl Independent Designer, but also an official Origami Owl Design Ambassador. One of a handful of bloggers chosen to help share the Origami Owl story and our […]

Tofurky roast with vegetarian gravy

Tofurky Roast w/ Vegetarian Gravy

Today, I bring you the perfect quick vegetarian meal for Thanksgiving. A Tofurky roast with mixed vegetables and vegetarian gravy. Tis the season of giving thanks, and that means turkeys around the country are hiding for fear of becoming the centerpiece on the dinner table. Now, I’m completely honest with you. I love meat. I’m […]

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A Quick Welcome & A Quick Update

Hi. Howdy. Hello. While I have already posted a few blog posts here on Just A Beautiful Life, I figured I should write a quick (and quick in Brit speed is not quick FYI) welcome post. An introduction if you will. I’m assuming most of you know me, and are probably wondering what is going on. […]