How To Make Bikini Water. Make Your Own Infused Water & Get Into That Bikini This Summer!

After my mini success with the Jillian Michael’s Detox & Cleanse I wanted to look up another drink to help my weight loss journey. Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered infused waters. You can make your own infused flavored waters at home and ditch all those horrible sodas and sugary drinks!

 Bikini Water

Ditch The Soda…And The Juice

We all know it. Soda {even diet soda} is bad for you. It causes weight gain. Juice; while nutritionally better, still has sugars and carbs. Another weight loss road blocker. I get sick of just drinking water all day every day. I need a little flavor in my life.

These fruit and herb infused flavored water are so simple and so yummy. Perfect to help you cut out all those extra calories, sugars, and carbs so you can get the edge on your weight loss routine and get into that bikini I know you have your eye on. I have one, and I really, really want to wear it. 

flavor infused water bikini water

A Little Flavor Goes A Long Way

These “Spa Waters” have just enough fruit flavor to make it better than bland water, but not the overpowering in-your-face- sweetness. This is refreshing. Simple. 

Super Simple To Make

spa water

I made two varieties today. Cucumber Lemon Mint and Strawberry Apple Mint. What can I say? I love mint. the cute containers I used? They are from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.  Amazon has some great looking ones too.

Things You Will Need

  • Drink Container(s) or Pitcher
  • Fruit and/or Herbs
  • Cutting Board
  • Sharp Cutting Knife
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Stir Spoon

Get To Chopping!

  • Thinly slice your fruits {leaving the skins on} and put them into the container. NOTE: Take out any seeds. Swallowing a lemon seed was no fun. True story.
  • Gently crush the herbs you want to use and add them to the pitcher.
  • Fill the pitcher half way with the fruits of your choice. {Simple folks, the bigger the container the more fruit you will need}
  • Fill the pitcher the rest of the way with ice. 
  • Add water.
  • Let sit a minimum of one hour. {Overnight is best}
  • Drink. DRINK!

Apple Slicer

Fantastic, right? The lifecycle of this Bikini Water is 48 hours, so drink it before then or toss it out. I’m in love. It is so refreshing, perfect for an after workout drink!

UPDATE: Want to step the flavor impact up a notch? Use the spoon and smash the fruits a little bit once they are in the pitcher to release some of the juices. Smash a little..smash a lot. This makes a huge flavor difference!

Get Creative

Not a fan of lemons? Try limes. Maybe Oranges. The options are endless. Fruits can get expensive, so check out local farmer’s markets or check the sales ads for your local grocery store. I’m a big fan of Market On The Move and Bountiful Baskets, so for 25.oo a month I have enough fruits and veggies to stock my pantry with all kinds of canned goodies. 

fruit flavored water

What Will Your Flavor Be?

Like I said, I’m a Mint kinda girl. What flavor combo do you want to try? Have you had these infused waters at a spa? Was it hard for you to ditch the soda? Leave some comment love below!


  1. says

    I’ve been wanting to try this myself. I’ve been seeing lots of posts on it, and although I’m not a big soda drinker, I have been drinking lemon water out the wahzoo! I’d like to try other ways to infuse fruit into my water. Thanks for this post, every bit of info is helpful. I prob would not have thought to smash the fruit a little for added flavor. I can’t wait to try!

  2. candice says

    I’m drinking cucumber, mint and a little lemon juice. I’m a huge soda junkie, but I actually prefer infused water over soda!!! cucumber and cantalope is good. melon water too. just started trying with mint leaves…very good! anything is better than soda. and fruit is just as expensive as water….and its much easier to get more…just add water! :)

  3. Rebecca Matousek says

    I have been trying this and am having some trouble. I was told that using frozen fruit is a good way to go because as it thaws the flavors would infuse well. I used peach and mango for this one but it is only infusing with very little flavor. Is there something I can do to pull the flavor out better? I love peach/mango flavor but the flavor I have is kind of gross because they flavor is barely there. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

  4. Alan Shields says

    I did the cuke, lemon,lime, and mint one. Be careful with the mint. Found out the hard way that I’ve developed an allergy to mint leaves. Broke out in hives and welts everywhere!,

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