NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte Review

Hey Hey Hey Pretty Ladies {and Gentlemen}. Guess What?

It’s Makeup Monday. I know, kinda dorky… but I love my lame blog series names. I announced on my Facebook Page that I am adjusting my editorial calendar so that my blog makes more sense. Mondays are now going to be strictly for beauty, makeup and fashion. To find out the outlook for the rest of the week check out the Facebook post.

nix stay matte

Today I am sharing my NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte product experience and review. I purchased:

I posted this picture on my Instagram account and everyone was so excited for this review. I really love my job.

nyx cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics are available at Ulta (where I purchased mine), online at the NYX website, and on Amazon. I am a HUGE fan of NYX products. With Ulta you can get free shipping on orders over 50.00 and earn points towards freebies, but on the NYX website free shipping is available with any 25.00 purchase. They have so many great drugstore dupes and alternatives to some of the higher end brands, heck some of their products work better and they are a heck of a lot cheaper. Seriously, NYX is awesome.

But before I go any further I will share with you the video from my beauty channel:


Okay. So I am beyond disappointed. I was so looking forward to this review. I seriously thought it was going to blow the Neutrogena Shine Control products I reviewed earlier out of the water. That unfortunately didn’t happen. I have continued to play around with the products and will be posting a follow up to my beauty channel in a few days…but for now let me just say it’s the foundation. Everything else I have used works well, but the liquid foundation is just not cutting it.

I have posted a few other videos on my beauty channel that you should watch, including a few shopping hauls where I picked up some great NEW makeup products and some awesome makeup storage products. Go check them out and subscribe to my channel if you are not subscribed.

I am going to be doing a few tutorials over the next few days, including a fun Ariel: The Little Mermaid inspired look. So. Much. Fun. If there are any products you would like me to review or demo leave me a comment down below!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the products myself. I do love NYX products, but I always give my honest opinion, just because the products did not work for me does not mean they will not work for you. I love coffee. And wine.  


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