Whole Foods Market and My Health Revolution

If you read my last blog post, you know all about my New Year’s Resolutions and my mission to take back my health this year. After I gave up soda and cigarettes I wanted to take my new healthy habits up a notch and start putting good things back into my body. I’m drinking a lot of water. Eating more vegetables. And learning all I can about health supplements.


whole foods market

From tomorrow the 24th thru Sunday January 26th, 2014 all (you read that right ALL) nutritional supplements will be on sale at your local Whole Foods Market (Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and Hawaii only). Oh, and the sale…25% off baby. That’s. Huge.

nutritional supplement sale

When it comes to what supplements you should (or shouldn’t) take that is something you should really talk to your health care provider about. As for me, my doc and I chatted all about my blood test results and my current complaints and came up with an amazing game plan.  Basically I need an energy boost (vitamin b), immense system support (zinc), and help for my hair (biotin).

On top of that, there are some extra bonus products I am looking into; such as a detox and cleanse, a weight loss supplement, and an all inclusive wellness formula. So far I am really intrigued by the 365 Everday Value 7 Day Detox Kit and the Bio-K+ Probiotic. I have read some great reviews. You can learn more about the supplements available for women at Whole Foods Market here.


I have fallen in love with my local Whole Foods Market. I was invited to a fun event before Christmas (which I shared on my Instagram account too). They have the best selection of practically everything, and my local location has an awesome wine bar too. Swoon.

Hey, if you are in Tucson check out their Facebook page so you can get the latest details on events and sales. Who knows, we might bump into each other while shopping. How fun would that be?!

So anyways, be sure to check out the sale going on and remember the 25% off is only good thru this Sunday. What great timing for my New Year’s resolution, but perfect for anyone looking to save money on their health supplements.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Whole Foods Market. However my undying love for them and my New Year’s Resolution is all true and you always get the truth and nothing but the truth from me. Honest opinions are my thing and coffee is my addiction now and forever.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Hey Brittany! I love keeping up with your weight loss journey. Supplements became a huge part of my life about 3 years ago and I realized it’s the missing link for almost every I know! It’s so hard to get all the nutrition our body needs through food these days. When I incorporated AdvoCare products into my life, it rocked my world! They have the absolute safest and most effective products out there and they are super affordable. Everybody I know that tries them, LOVES it! Email me if you want resources for more info. It’s worth it!

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